Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seeking Jesus in Joy

Do you find yourself only seeking Jesus in the tough times?

I find that I only fall to my knees in deep prayer in struggle, I only delve into my bible during the hard stuff, I seek wisdom through videos and faith blogs when the load feels to great, I only truly listen to a sermon at church when I feel like I need guidance.

I lose my determination when I'm feeling "blessed".

When I'm trudging through the struggles of life I can always make time for Jesus, but when I'm busy during the highs of life, it's amazing how I "don't have time."

I'm determined to SEEK JESUS in the JOYS OF LIFE - not just the trials.

God has already planned a journey for us that is far greater than anything we could have planned for ourselves, but it is our choice whether we seek him to reach that ultimate destination.

A friend of mine posted a quote the other day from Sophia Bush, that has stuck with me - "You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and work in progress simultaneously."

Our faith is the ultimate work in progress, and we are simultaneously seen as perfect in God's eyes. How amazing is that? To have the opportunity to continue to grow, while still knowing that who we are now is ENOUGH.

I stumbled upon this message from Priscilla Shirer - and I think we all need this reminder:

Join me in beginning the battle on our knees, and facing it from a stance of victory.

Grace & Love, 

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